Another Room Bites the Dust

We have been making progress slowly but we finally knocked out painting another room and it feels so good. We painted our main living room which also allowed us to move in move furniture and shuffle items around to where they will live. It looks so good and I am glad we are one more step closer to being settled.


We have also started having people over, whether it is for wine and appetizers or lunch, we are slowly getting back to entertaining. Hosting people is one of my favorite things to do and we have not done as much of it in the last six months or so.

img_0272 img_0271

Neil’s grandmother is such a wonderful hostess and one of the best pieces of advice she has given us was to always keep our home ready for a party, so we can host at a moment’s notice. While we definitely haven’t had the house in shape for hosting but it is something I strive for. I also started recently following the home DIY blog Chris loves Julia and listening to their podcast. One of the things that really stuck with me was that they have to host while they have projects in progress, because they are always working on something. I kept thinking I wanted to at least have certain things done before we had a housewarming party or before we had too many people over.


These two thoughts made me realize there will always be more projects and I want to have and maintain my community now, not after all the rooms have been painted. Setting a date to have a party has also given me a goal to work toward and set out which things we will get done and come to terms with the things that won’t be done.

So here is to many drinks, meals, and quality time spent with the people I care about no matter what my to do list says.

How do you prep for a party? Any tricks for hosting while working on a house or project?

P.S. A little game of I Spy in our AFTER photo … check out our new chocolate addition to the family. More in the next post.Also check out Neil’s sister Kira and my sister Tracie both featured helping in different stages in the living room! Thanks and love to our family.

Back to the essentials


It is almost the weekend, and it is almost October! How did that happen? Time is flying by as normal but I think I am finally ready for fall. We had a few days this week with temperatures over 90 degrees. During the peak of the heat I stayed inside, drank bubbly water with lemon ice cubes and tried out some new essential oil recipes.

I use essential oils everyday in my skincare and health routine as well as in my home. From the tea tree oil on my face and lavender on my feet at night to many blends in my diffuser and in my mopping concoction they are essential.

I tend to make mixtures as I go and store my oils in the white box my iPhone came in. This is not the most efficient way and I am sure I would find even more great uses for my oils if I had some combinations prepared in bulk. This is the story of our lives though, right? If we would take time to prepare things ahead of time life would be easier, better. Well, I definitely haven’t gotten a handle on everything in my life but I finally got out the oils and bottles and other ingredients this week and made a few things that I have been planning for a while.

img_0169 img_0170

I started with some roller bottle recipes I found on Pinterest and wanted to try. The main one I was interested in was a bottle for this sweet dreams lavender blend I put on my feet at night to help me fall asleep. I used almond oil as the carrier oil for all of these recipes. I also used two blends I already had and just put them into roller bottles with oil for easier use. The recipes for the new blends are from The Happy Little Oiler.

Here are the ones I made:

    • Bitch Stick: 10 drops Clary Sage, 10 Lavender, 5 Frankincense
    • Energized #2: 15 Rosemary, 10 Peppermint, 10 Grapefruit
    • Owwie: 10 Drops Tea Tree, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Frankincense

I also made a facial toner spray. I had been using the SW Basics toner and loved it but have been wanting to switch it up and add tea tree to the mix for some issues I have been having with my skin. The recipe is from a blog called Scratch Mommy and I added tea tree and frankincense. I have just started using it this week so I will have to report back but my skins feels soft and smooth after using, just like it did with the toner I used previously.




Finally, I have been trying to add more regular HIIT and yoga workouts to my week and have been rolling out my yoga mat more. I realized I hadn’t cleaned my yoga mat in a while and after a sweaty HIIT class I need to give it a good scrub down. I mixed up a recipe from Detoxinista in an old spray bottle and cleaned each side with the yoga mat cleaner and a rag. I then left it outside to dry before rolling it up.

What are your favorite ways to use essential oils? What are your favorite recipes?

Taking it Slow


Neil and I have moved every year we have been together and I had also moved every year before that since I went to college. We lived in the first home we bought for two years and while we had planned to stay longer we knew it was not where we would stay forever. I am so glad we found our current home and we are really looking forward to staying somewhere for the long haul. Every time we have moved we did a marathon of unpacking and had a house warming party within the month. We always said it is better to set a date and work toward the goal. We are past now the one month mark in our new home and we are so far from being unpacked.

I know it is going to be different this time and that we will be doing projects and improvements for years to come. We are holding off on unpacking about half of our boxes until we get through a couple projects and painting. Each of these projects seems to take so much longer than you think it will.


I have been feeling unsettled and wish that we had our spaces more set up. There are so many tasks we need to do and it is hard to have the house in disarray. I am looking forward to finishing up the painting and the closet project in our master bedroom. Once we finish those projects we will be able to set up the rooms and do the next stage of unpacking.

img_9924I am working on trying to enjoy the process rather than wishing it was over. I have been wanting a house to work on and make my own that I knew we would stay in. But now that I have it I need to find a way to appreciate the present moment, no matter how messy it is. As it is now officially fall, I feel I need to take a cue from the season and start to transition myself – slow down, savor, and find small ways to settle.Like these amazing smoothies I got with my sister in between coats of primer in the living room, matcha-strawberry-banana and mint chip goodness!

I have also been missing our friends and the community we created in the Bay Area over the past five or so years. Although, I do feel stress and overwhelm from working on the house and fact we aren’t unpacked, I think it is all the big changes that have been happening in my life that are the core of this feeling. In the past three months I left my 9-5 job, we bought and sold a house and moved to a new city. It all feels exciting but it has been a lot of big changes and I am waiting to find my new groove.


I need to take it one room at a time, one coat of paint at a time and one day at a time. I keep thinking it has already been a month, and I need to think it has only been a month. I am going to take it slow and try to enjoy each part of this process. With the new season, and this new life I will find my new routine and community. It will just take time.

Labor Day has new meaning

hike-2For me labor day has marked the end of summer and beginning of the school year. It has been another loved, long weekend. It has been a last chance to soak up some sun. I have been in only been in school and worked in an office so “labor” never seemed to apply to me. It took on a new meaning this year as we got through the first few weeks in our new home that is quite the fixer upper. I was so grateful for a wedding out of town that forced me to not paint through another weekend. We were able to get away to Kirkwood for a wedding, spend a day hiking and relaxing there, and still have a full day at home to … you guessed it – paint! Who knew I would actually take a break from manual labor this labor day weekend?

I have been painting for the past week and a half, two coats of primer, two coats on the ceiling and two coats of paint in half of our house (about 1,000 sq. ft.). And the kicker is we still need to paint all the trim, so we are not done yet. But every step we do complete feels so good and it really does make such a difference.

Every time I finish a coat I look forward to the time when I will NOT be painting. But I am also so grateful for our new space and love envisioning all the potential and the projects we will work on. I have been super spoiled and have lots of help from my sister and mom, so needless to say I have good company! When I am on my own, I covet this time to listen to audio books and podcasts.

neil-wedding megan-wedding

We had such a relaxing Sunday this past holiday weekend. We slept in after some late night dancing at a wedding and read in bed before heading to breakfast. We also picked up a great deli sandwich and brought snacks from home for a hike on Lake Margaret trail. After showers and a couple hours lounging and reading we had wine and played cards. It was divine! I love camping or cabin like trips when we read together and play some cards with drinks before dinner. I definitely feel like these two activities categorize a relaxing day away with Neil for me.

river log-smile log-silly

We hit the road at 6 am on Monday morning to beat the holiday weekend traffic. It was so great. We were home after errands and picking up the dog by 11 am. Neil brewed beer for Oaktoberfest and I painted.


What did you do this labor day? Was it a mix of projects and play? Did you go out of town? Would love to hear what you were up to!

Here are some more fun pics from the wedding.

beer-polaroid dance-page

House Projects: Demo Day

IMG_9705We have been in our new house for less than two weeks and are already well into a few projects. We should probably prioritize and complete one before starting the next, but you know how that goes. The first thing I want to prioritize is painting, as the whole interior needs a fresh coat of paint. There are lots of crazy colors and holes, nicks, and drips around the house.

One project we started our first weekend was tearing out the sheetrock and removing the wall separating the two closets in the master bedroom. We figured if we are going to paint it, might as well update the closet first. This was my first experience of #demoday and  I actually got quite into it. I definitely came out with some bumps and bruises but it was fun. We haven’t quite finished but took out most of the sheetrock, base boards and trim in an afternoon. We plan to take out the rest this week and begin to primer the whole upstairs and stairwell. It could be called the rainbow house with an orange kitchen next to a purple stairwell and hallway and a green family room, see fun pics below. My favorite “fun” fact it you can touch all three colors at once!

IMG_9701 IMG_9702 IMG_9703

We are already making so many plans and love talking about projects but I can feel us slipping into overwhelm and want to wrangle us into setting our priorities and making a schedule for projects.

Overall, I am loving the new house and the new neighborhood. It is nice to see our families more often. I can walk in about 8 minutes to an awesome local grocery market, a bakery, coffee counter and yoga studio all in the same shopping center.

We will be working on this house forever but I am looking forward to making it ours. How do you prioritize house projects? What was the first thing you did in your current space? It definitely seems like I need to take my own advice from this post, it is like déjà vu. I would love to connect with you on instagram and I am on snapchat @eatlovenourish.