House Projects: Demo Day

IMG_9705We have been in our new house for less than two weeks and are already well into a few projects. We should probably prioritize and complete one before starting the next, but you know how that goes. The first thing I want to prioritize is painting, as the whole interior needs a fresh coat of paint. There are lots of crazy colors and holes, nicks, and drips around the house.

One project we started our first weekend was tearing out the sheetrock and removing the wall separating the two closets in the master bedroom. We figured if we are going to paint it, might as well update the closet first. This was my first experience of #demoday and  I actually got quite into it. I definitely came out with some bumps and bruises but it was fun. We haven’t quite finished but took out most of the sheetrock, base boards and trim in an afternoon. We plan to take out the rest this week and begin to primer the whole upstairs and stairwell. It could be called the rainbow house with an orange kitchen next to a purple stairwell and hallway and a green family room, see fun pics below. My favorite “fun” fact it you can touch all three colors at once!

IMG_9701 IMG_9702 IMG_9703

We are already making so many plans and love talking about projects but I can feel us slipping into overwhelm and want to wrangle us into setting our priorities and making a schedule for projects.

Overall, I am loving the new house and the new neighborhood. It is nice to see our families more often. I can walk in about 8 minutes to an awesome local grocery market, a bakery, coffee counter and yoga studio all in the same shopping center.

We will be working on this house forever but I am looking forward to making it ours. How do you prioritize house projects? What was the first thing you did in your current space? It definitely seems like I need to take my own advice from this post, it is like déjà vu. I would love to connect with you on instagram and I am on snapchat @eatlovenourish.



Big News, Big Move!

IMG_9552We have exciting (big) news! Some people know but we have not made any official announcements about our upcoming move. We are moving to Santa Rosa! We are so excited to move up there and can’t wait to work on many of the projects in the new, huge house. We will be sad to leave many of our friends and the amazing community and life we have built in Oakland over the last 5 years. But good news is, we won’t be too far away and we will have multiple extra rooms for lots of guests up to beautiful wine country, brewery haven and the Russian river.

We have always discussed our 3-5 year plan and our longer term plans and goals. When we first bought our home two years ago in Oakland we thought we would live there for 3-5 years or possibly more but that someday we wanted to move north. I grew up in Sonoma County and my husband lived his whole life in Napa. We always discussed Petaluma as our goal and looked for fun after our first home buying experience. Let’s get real, I totally became addicted to Redfin. We would look occasionally in the neighborhoods we liked and even started looking in San Rafael and Fairfax. One time Neil widened his search in Sonoma County and found the house we will now call home. He showed me the pictures and I was in love but we thought we can’t afford that. We said that is our dream home in 10 years.


About a month later we were hiking in Yosemite and started talking about the possibility of Santa Rosa. Neil had become more and more interested in Santa Rosa and had done some research about the city’s master plan and statistics. We began discussing the possibility of another city in Sonoma County. One of my first responses was “I wonder if that house is still on the market.” Once we got back to civilization I checked the internet and lo and behold it was still on the market. We followed up with a family friend in the Real Estate business and made an appointment to tour it the next weekend. During that week the home had a price drop as it has been on the market for a while.

We loved the home and decided to make an offer. The best thing was that everything seemed to flow quite easily. I had mentioned to Neil I would love to get this house for the list price, which is unheard of in the Bay Area. With the price drop we ended up offering the original listing price (YAY!). Then we were receiving offers on our current home in Oakland and Neil was quite worried about getting a large enough offer to make our new down payment. I was confident that we would get more and even said we will get between X and maybe even more than Y. We literally got 3 offers, One was exactly X, one was Y+1 and there was one in the middle. I was so amazed how I could manifest what I wanted.


Now I have to say not everything went that smoothly. There were lots of unexpected issues with the new house, and unexpected expenses and issues throughout the process. But, overall this was our dream home in a fabulous, walkable bikable safe neighborhood and is close to family.

We are thrilled to be starting this new chapter of our lives and we can’t wait to share more of our journey.

Have you made a big move? How did you build a new community in you new city? What are your favorite ways to make a space feel like your own?

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Breakfast and Beyond: Shaking it up

IMG_9448Most of my friends and family know by now that I have left my “day job” but I have mot shared this here.  I am going to shift my focus to teaching more yoga and expanding my women’s wellness and birth services. I am also looking forward to blogging more and starting a podcast with Neil. I have been doing these things on the side for over two years and am ready to jump in. After working in an office for so many years and juggling a work schedule and yoga classes, and occasional births, being at home has been such a change of pace.

I am working to find my new morning routine and what time of the day I prefer to go to workout class, as I no longer “have” to go at 6am. I have not settled into a consistent routine yet but am focusing on trying to add mediation into my day and keep up my workout classes as well as a 45 minute to 1.5 hour walk with the dog everyday. All good things, I have just been doing them at completely different times depending on the day. Having coffee or tea and breakfast to start my day is about the only thing I have nailed down in terms of routine. I am looking forward to finding my new groove in this new venture.


From the first time I discovered overnight oatmeal in 2012 it has been one of my favorite go to breakfasts, especially in the spring and summer. During those seasons there are so many good fruits and warmer temperatures lend to a cooler breakfast. I love smoothies, warm oatmeal, eggs and all the breakfast items. I tend to go between oatmeal and smoothies and leave more complicated breakfasts for the weekends. With more time in the mornings I have been mixing it up but it felt good to go back to an oldie but a goodie.

Overnight oats are so easy and are perfect for busy mornings to just grab and go. I have had different recipes on the blog before but this is my latest go to.

Blueberry Overnight Oats


  • 1/3 cup of oatmeal
  • 1/3 cup of almond milk (or milk of your choice)
  • 1/4 cup greek yogurt
  • 1 tsp maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp flax seeds
  • 1/2 chia seeds
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup of blueberries


Add all ingredients except blueberries to a jar and shake or stir until well mixed. Add blueberries and mix the fruit in. Seal jar with a lid and place in the fridge for 6+ hours or overnight, hence the name.


I love adding all different kinds of fruits and nuts to the base recipe. I shared my pumpkin recipe before which is my favorite in fall/winter and I also love peanut butter banana combo as well as strawberry and unsweetened shredded coconut.

What has changed in your morning routine recently? What are your current breakfast favorites? I would love to hear or see over on instagram or find me on snapchat @eatlovenourish.

Cloudy Summer Mornings and Muffins

IMG_9334“The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco.” – Mark Twain

We’ve had some beautiful, warm summer days in the past month but we have also had some foggy, misty days.  I know it is typical for the Bay Area but I have still not gotten used to it. It feels so out of place after a few warm days and getting into the summer vibe.

One thing I do love about foggy mornings (even in the summer) is making a warm cup of coffee and baking. So last week after a misty walk around Lake Merritt I headed home to make some banana bread. I ended up making the bread into muffins, so I could sample them faster (aka I wanted a treat with my coffee).

IMG_9332I love baking and my fair share of baked goods. One of my favorite things to do is find a few recipes and then combine them or make a substitution or two (or three). For this banana bread I used coconut oil, a great substitute for butter, and I used maple syrup to sweeten. I love using maple syrup as the sweetener because I love the rich flavor it adds and it has vitamins and minerals like manganese, potassium, zinc, iron and calcium.  I also use whole wheat flour 90% of the time and find that I don’t notice the difference anymore. Neil is still adamant that pizza dough is not the same so we tend to do half and half for that or all white flour. For most recipes I also cut the sugar down and blend different sweeteners, like brown sugar, coconut sugar, honey and maple syrup.

For this batch of muffins I found a recipe that was exactly what I would have done after tweaking a more traditional recipe. I found it by searching “banana bread recipe blog” as I love getting recipes from bloggers and discovering new bloggers this way. I had already come across Cookie + Katie previously but hadn’t used it in a while and was excited to get re-acquainted with her recipes.

These muffins were the perfect thing after my misty morning walk! I added in part of a dark chocolate bar (87%) coarsely chopped and it was perfect.

Do you like to bake? Do you make adjustments to the recipes? How do you explore new recipes?

Half the Birthday + Half the Hair


A couple weeks ago a took the plunge and cut my hair. For anyone who knows me I have had pretty long hair for majority of my life. I have donated my hair a few times but it has always been at least below my shoulders and I never loved the cut. This time I wanted to go more drastic and try out the popular LOB (long bob) haircut. I had been thinking about it off and on for a few months, evident by my hair pinterest board. Neil was convinced I would not take the leap.

But I scheduled a cut with my good friend Dusty who has cut my hair for the past couple of years and I LOVE it! She thinned it out and cut it to emphasize my curls and I still get by with once a week washing and not styling tools! I am loving throwing it up in a half bun and wearing it a little wavy, crazy down. It is fun to see who notices, who comments on it and I am surprised how much I totally love it. I thought for sure I would like it but be set on growing it back out. I have been thinking I might keep it for at least a year at the shorter length … or maybe more. I still swoon when I see beautiful long hair on others, so no promises.



IMG_9151I have always imagined a fun summer birthday party on the river with picnics and swimming and all around fun. I threaten every year to celebrate my half birthday but it always seems to pass me by. Yesterday I informed Neil it was my half birthday and it needed to be celebrated. I made a point to tell people throughout my day and we ended up having a half celebration with our good friends we had standing dinner plans with. It was so sweet. I got a (votive) candle and half an birthday song.

I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and enjoy jumping into June! I am getting so excited for summer. We had a fabulous weekend camping off the grid in Yosemite for 3 days, post coming soon!

Do you celebrate half birthdays or any other milestones? Are you itching to try any new haircut or style? I love hearing from y’all on social media. FOLLOW me on snapchat @eatlovenourish and instagram.