It is almost the weekend, and it is almost October! How did that happen? Time is flying by as normal but I think I am finally ready for fall. We had a few days this week with temperatures over 90 degrees. During the peak of the heat I stayed inside, drank bubbly water with lemon ice cubes and tried out some new essential oil recipes.

I use essential oils everyday in my skincare and health routine as well as in my home. From the tea tree oil on my face and lavender on my feet at night to many blends in my diffuser and in my mopping concoction they are essential.

I tend to make mixtures as I go and store my oils in the white box my iPhone came in. This is not the most efficient way and I am sure I would find even more great uses for my oils if I had some combinations prepared in bulk. This is the story of our lives though, right? If we would take time to prepare things ahead of time life would be easier, better. Well, I definitely haven’t gotten a handle on everything in my life but I finally got out the oils and bottles and other ingredients this week and made a few things that I have been planning for a while.

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I started with some roller bottle recipes I found on Pinterest and wanted to try. The main one I was interested in was a bottle for this sweet dreams lavender blend I put on my feet at night to help me fall asleep. I used almond oil as the carrier oil for all of these recipes. I also used two blends I already had and just put them into roller bottles with oil for easier use. The recipes for the new blends are from The Happy Little Oiler.

Here are the ones I made:

    • Bitch Stick: 10 drops Clary Sage, 10 Lavender, 5 Frankincense
    • Energized #2: 15 Rosemary, 10 Peppermint, 10 Grapefruit
    • Owwie: 10 Drops Tea Tree, 10 drops Lavender, 10 drops Frankincense

I also made a facial toner spray. I had been using the SW Basics toner and loved it but have been wanting to switch it up and add tea tree to the mix for some issues I have been having with my skin. The recipe is from a blog called Scratch Mommy and I added tea tree and frankincense. I have just started using it this week so I will have to report back but my skins feels soft and smooth after using, just like it did with the toner I used previously.




Finally, I have been trying to add more regular HIIT and yoga workouts to my week and have been rolling out my yoga mat more. I realized I hadn’t cleaned my yoga mat in a while and after a sweaty HIIT class I need to give it a good scrub down. I mixed up a recipe from Detoxinista in an old spray bottle and cleaned each side with the yoga mat cleaner and a rag. I then left it outside to dry before rolling it up.

What are your favorite ways to use essential oils? What are your favorite recipes?

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