IMG_9552We have exciting (big) news! Some people know but we have not made any official announcements about our upcoming move. We are moving to Santa Rosa! We are so excited to move up there and can’t wait to work on many of the projects in the new, huge house. We will be sad to leave many of our friends and the amazing community and life we have built in Oakland over the last 5 years. But good news is, we won’t be too far away and we will have multiple extra rooms for lots of guests up to beautiful wine country, brewery haven and the Russian river.

We have always discussed our 3-5 year plan and our longer term plans and goals. When we first bought our home two years ago in Oakland we thought we would live there for 3-5 years or possibly more but that someday we wanted to move north. I grew up in Sonoma County and my husband lived his whole life in Napa. We always discussed Petaluma as our goal and looked for fun after our first home buying experience. Let’s get real, I totally became addicted to Redfin. We would look occasionally in the neighborhoods we liked and even started looking in San Rafael and Fairfax. One time Neil widened his search in Sonoma County and found the house we will now call home. He showed me the pictures and I was in love but we thought we can’t afford that. We said that is our dream home in 10 years.


About a month later we were hiking in Yosemite and started talking about the possibility of Santa Rosa. Neil had become more and more interested in Santa Rosa and had done some research about the city’s master plan and statistics. We began discussing the possibility of another city in Sonoma County. One of my first responses was “I wonder if that house is still on the market.” Once we got back to civilization I checked the internet and lo and behold it was still on the market. We followed up with a family friend in the Real Estate business and made an appointment to tour it the next weekend. During that week the home had a price drop as it has been on the market for a while.

We loved the home and decided to make an offer. The best thing was that everything seemed to flow quite easily. I had mentioned to Neil I would love to get this house for the list price, which is unheard of in the Bay Area. With the price drop we ended up offering the original listing price (YAY!). Then we were receiving offers on our current home in Oakland and Neil was quite worried about getting a large enough offer to make our new down payment. I was confident that we would get more and even said we will get between X and maybe even more than Y. We literally got 3 offers, One was exactly X, one was Y+1 and there was one in the middle. I was so amazed how I could manifest what I wanted.


Now I have to say not everything went that smoothly. There were lots of unexpected issues with the new house, and unexpected expenses and issues throughout the process. But, overall this was our dream home in a fabulous, walkable bikable safe neighborhood and is close to family.

We are thrilled to be starting this new chapter of our lives and we can’t wait to share more of our journey.

Have you made a big move? How did you build a new community in you new city? What are your favorite ways to make a space feel like your own?

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Big News, Big Move!
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