As Postgrad podcastan avid (binge) podcast listener it was so special to be invited to be on Postgrad Podcast. Teddy Nykiel is one of my yoga students turned friend and she recently started a new podcast. We bonded when we both realized we were obsessed with similar pod-casters and bloggers. We both share the affinity to refer to our virtual “friends” in every day life.

I have been listening to her podcast since it started and was excited when she asked me to be on. It was so fun and the time we were chatting flew by. If you want to hear a bit more about my journey since graduating college early and the many passions I have been exploring in the last few years check out the podcast.

Here is a link to the podcast and a bit about the episode.

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Megan graduated from college early, and what she did when her initial postgrad plan fell through just weeks before graduation.
  • The challenges Megan faced as she was first getting established in San Francisco.
  • The story of how Megan got engaged to her now-husband, Neil.
  • What a doula is and how Megan got interested in becoming one.
  • Megan’s blog, Eat Love Nourish, and the blogs and podcasts that inspire her: Kath Eats, The Lively Show and Starr Struck. (I also love The Lively Show and Starr Struck)!
  • Megan’s tips for building a community in a new place.

If you know anyone who would enjoy listening to or participating on the Postgrad Podcast please send them Teddy’s way. She is a great interviewer and a joy to be around!

Connect on Twitter: @teddynykiel, @podcastpostgrad     Instagram: teddynykiel

Eat Love Nourish on Postgrad Podcast
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