I have always loved doing crafts of some sort but have never stuck with anything long enough to get really good at anything. I was into mod podge and collages, beading jewelry, crocheting, cross stitch, knitting, sewing, and of course making costumes. I have general “craft” boxes I have moved 5 times since college. But I have only done each of these activities for a stint and seem to come back each time as almost as a beginner.

In the fall and winter of 2014 I got into crocheting koozies for mason jars and baby beanies for a number of baby showers I went to. It was fun and I was doing it consistently for about 6 months. But I kept doing the same 2 patterns for the most part. Most of my pieces have mistakes and I definitely use google and youtube to help me learn new stitches, or remember them when coming back after a hiatus.

I have always wanted to be someone that has a craft they do regularly and can get more skilled at. I was recently thinking of learning to knit again. Although I have made one scarf, it was very painful and I have been crocheting off and on since I was 7. Two needles feels awkward in my hands. I still want to try it but I have decided to work on my crochet skills first. I have only done a few patterns and still look up things all the time. Once I feel like I have the basics of crochet down I want to learn to knit socks!

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On my birthday last month, I decided to start a poncho pattern as a bit of a challenge for myself –  new stitches and sewing required. I finished it last week and although there are definitely mistakes and dropped stitches I couldn’t go back to fix, I love it! I learned a lot on this pattern and it feels like I am wearing a blanket … which is a bonus in our old house with a pup that is terrified of the heater.

I just started a beanie with many new stitches and edging I have never done. I spent a few hours continuously re-doing the first three row this weekend. I wanted to get it right and finally did. I will have to post pictures when it is done.

My other new favorite hobby that is something I look forward to doing in the evenings after work is coloring! I had heard about this coloring book on The Lively Show, one of my favorite podcasts, and then soon after seen it on a gift guide from Cup of Jo, a favorite blog. I added the Secret Garden coloring book to my Christmas wish list and got it. Adult coloring books seem to be trendy right now as a way to relax and decompress, and I for one am loving this trend.

Over the past two weeks I have been watching “Making a Murderer” on Netflix (yes I am done! and am glad to have something else like Serial our there) and either crocheting on weekend and coloring on week nights. Coloring has been something I look forward to after working on a computer for most of the day. I also love seeing the progress. The top photo is the first night I colored for a couple hours and then the photo below is the progress I have made doing a half hour here and there.  I have been sitting at the coffee table with a scented candle and most times a handful of chocolate chips. Neil joked that he should get me a glass of wine and put on a chick flick and I would have a complete girls night to myself. As nice as that sounds, I haven’t taken him up on it … yet.

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I am hoping to keep up this “me time” I have been making room for in my days. I will report back on the beanie and my growing crochet skills. I have been enjoying more time in the evenings to do these relaxing crafts because Neil and I have been enjoying crockpot freezer meals. We did a large prep session over the holidays and we have been eating one meal over the week nights. I am loving less stress and more free time. I can’t wait to share some things of the meal prep we have been doing soon on the blog.

What are your hobbies? Do you have a craft you have done over time? Have you gotten into adult coloring books? I would love to see some pictures of other people’s hobbies over on instagram, post with #eatlovenourish and tag me @maebulger.

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