IMG_6848Last year, a couple months after buying our first home, we volunteered to host Thanksgiving. We had over 20 people in our 1,000 square foot home for a sit down  dinner. Of course, I was a bit of a stress ball but I loved it! I spent time bookmarking my Martha Stewart magazine, pinning decoration and recipe ideas and planning the flow of our space.

It was a blast prepping and planning because one of my close friends Meg was also hosting. We crafted together and shared ideas. Having someone else to prep with was key because I would have definitely procrastinated more than I did and not completed all the crafts. We made coffee filter wreaths, gold and sparkly leaves and mod podge jars for candles.

Homemade Decorations:

IMG_6847 IMG_6845
IMG_6849We ended up using our dining table with the leaf in it as well as our long backyard table. With over 20 people we had to mix and match chairs, napkins, silverware, and china but it turned out beautifully eclectic. As nice as the tablescape looked, it didn’t feel complete until the house was full of people and delicious food.

We don’t have cable or a TV, which is an issue for football lovers on Thanksgiving. Our friends brought over their TV and HDTV antennae, which allowed us to turn the spare room into “SportsCenter” (complete with futon and giant orange bean bag for stadium seating).

This year we will be at my mom’s house with another 20 person group and many re-used decorations. We have a 35 pound homegrown bird from my aunt. I am in charge of rolls, sweet potato casserole and activities – which I am prepping today (checkout instagram for some pics). I can’t wait for the amazing food, conversation and games we are planning.

What are your holiday traditions? Do you decorate or make certain dishes? I would love to hear your plans for Thanksgiving!

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