A couple weeks ago a took the plunge and cut my hair. For anyone who knows me I have had pretty long hair for majority of my life. I have donated my hair a few times but it has always been at least below my shoulders and I never loved the cut. This time I wanted to go more drastic and try out the popular LOB (long bob) haircut. I had been thinking about it off and on for a few months, evident by my hair pinterest board. Neil was convinced I would not take the leap.

But I scheduled a cut with my good friend Dusty who has cut my hair for the past couple of years and I LOVE it! She thinned it out and cut it to emphasize my curls and I still get by with once a week washing and not styling tools! I am loving throwing it up in a half bun and wearing it a little wavy, crazy down. It is fun to see who notices, who comments on it and I am surprised how much I totally love it. I thought for sure I would like it but be set on growing it back out. I have been thinking I might keep it for at least a year at the shorter length … or maybe more. I still swoon when I see beautiful long hair on others, so no promises.



IMG_9151I have always imagined a fun summer birthday party on the river with picnics and swimming and all around fun. I threaten every year to celebrate my half birthday but it always seems to pass me by. Yesterday I informed Neil it was my half birthday and it needed to be celebrated. I made a point to tell people throughout my day and we ended up having a half celebration with our good friends we had standing dinner plans with. It was so sweet. I got a (votive) candle and half an birthday song.

I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day weekend and enjoy jumping into June! I am getting so excited for summer. We had a fabulous weekend camping off the grid in Yosemite for 3 days, post coming soon!

Do you celebrate half birthdays or any other milestones? Are you itching to try any new haircut or style? I love hearing from y’all on social media. FOLLOW me on snapchat @eatlovenourish and instagram.

Half the Birthday + Half the Hair
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