My husband and I have done couples costumes every year since we started dating. I jump at the chance to dress up for any occasion. But for this holiday we like to have related costumes and I insist on making/thrifting pieces needed.

I have a few ideas for this year but have definitely been procrastinating. We somehow always pull it together and have been known to make a last minute decision when we find the exact right item – like this wetsuit!

Captain America & Wonder Woman


IMG_5452 IMG_5453

This was hands down one of my favorite costumes ever. We even used one of these photos on our save the date card for our wedding :)
We were looking at a thrift store for another costume completely when Neil stumbled across this old wetsuit. He immediately decided we need to be Captain America and Wonder Women. I was excited until I googled an image and realized she basically wear underwear. I compromised with dance hot shorts. He ended up wearing leggings under the wet suit to make it full length. I made the white star on his chest and attached it with velcro over the front zipper (so it could be removed for bathroom breaks.) We got the rest of the materials at the craft store and around our house.

My shirt= strapless bra with fabric glued to top rim with zipper stitch in back and accents glued on
His shield= painted 5 gallon bucket lid (from brewing supplies), equipped with straps from convertible bra, see shirt above

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Mary Poppins & Bert – Our 1st Halloween

Our first halloween we dressed up as Mary Poppins and Bert. I was very proud of my thrifting for this costume. I came across some perfect pieces in a single thrift store excursion. I found the perfect shirt and skirt and was able to dye the skirt and glue on ribbon accents.

My hat= white hat with red ribbon, re-used red ribbon for next tie and spray painted hat black and added daisies and cherries from craft store
His broom= an old stick we found in the garage spray painted black with pipe cleaners


Princess Leia & Hans Solo

These costumes ended up being easy as well but it took me forever to find a white dress. I ended up wearing a white top I already own with flow sleeves under a cotton thrift dress. The homemade belt and the buns really pulled the costume together. We also found cheap water guns at the thrift store and spray painted them black, which was a fun accessory.

My belt= white and glittery foam + sparkly balls from the craft store. I drew the shape I wanted and then used pieces of velcro and glue to craft my belt
His vest= Neil was looking for a vest for a while and was not having any luck. He found a black members only jacket that was the look he wanted and we cut the sleeves off

I often stress a bit about the actual making of the costume, but I am always more satisfied when I find creative ways to create the costume I imagine.

Do you make your own costumes or buy them? What are you going to be for halloween this year?

I will post an update when we actually figure out our costumes for this weekend. Have a fabulous week!

Homemade Halloween
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