IMG_7828People have mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. While I am not set on having flowers, chocolates, dinner reservations, etc. I do enjoy any excuse to craft and get together with people.

Over the years we have had some great Valentine’s Day parties. In college and in the years after we hosted dinner parties with couple and single friends. One time in college we invited around 20 people to our small house and ended up using overturned bookcases as tables and have everyone seated on the floor around two end to end tall bookcases. We had the places set with custom dark chocolate hearts and homemade earrings for the girls. I had some fabulous roommates who were into the details (shout out Megan and Liz)! Another year when living with our great friends Megan and Chad we hosted a getting saucy party where we made homemade pasta and everyone brought a sauce. We had drinks and dessert and of course a sauce competition. It was always super fun and a great way to have dinner plans which included single friends (and possibly even do a little match making).

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I have also always been a fan of homemade cards and Valentine’s day is no exception. I have my standard items in my craft box I always reach for: big pack of mixed card stock, feathers, old pack of playing cards, paint, ribbons, sequins and much more.


I love making more classic cards but it is fun trying to do something a little outside the box. Here are a few of the ones I made this year. I tried to do some that didn’t have any pink, red or purple. I was loving this teal color with the feather accent. I also found this great piece of a decorative gift bag in my scraps that I added some gold ribbon edging to.


I made a really fun card valentine for Neil a few years ago spelling LOVE in playing cards – 3 A Q 7 upside down. This year I am using a playing card and will inscribe “King of my Heart” … get it :)


Last year I went for the funny card and drew this card for Neil, with a little “pinspiration”. I think I enjoyed it more than he did as I just love puns.

Our second Valentine’s Day together I made him 14 cards with either little memories, things I loved about him, or coupons for gifts (massage, forcing me to make a decision, etc.) This was super time intensive but was special and definitely fun to do.

As I was cutting out some hearts to string up along the mantle I got the idea to do Sweethearts candy-themed hearts. I looked up as many of the classic phrases as I could and love the way they turned out.

IMG_7834 IMG_7833

All these crafts took a little over an hour and I just re-used craft materials I already had. It makes the house feel more festive and I love being able to give homemade valentines.

What are you doing to celebrate? Have you ever hosted a party? Do you do anything unconventional for Valentine’s Day?

Homemade Valentine’s Day
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