IMG_9705We have been in our new house for less than two weeks and are already well into a few projects. We should probably prioritize and complete one before starting the next, but you know how that goes. The first thing I want to prioritize is painting, as the whole interior needs a fresh coat of paint. There are lots of crazy colors and holes, nicks, and drips around the house.

One project we started our first weekend was tearing out the sheetrock and removing the wall separating the two closets in the master bedroom. We figured if we are going to paint it, might as well update the closet first. This was my first experience of #demoday and  I actually got quite into it. I definitely came out with some bumps and bruises but it was fun. We haven’t quite finished but took out most of the sheetrock, base boards and trim in an afternoon. We plan to take out the rest this week and begin to primer the whole upstairs and stairwell. It could be called the rainbow house with an orange kitchen next to a purple stairwell and hallway and a green family room, see fun pics below. My favorite “fun” fact it you can touch all three colors at once!

IMG_9701 IMG_9702 IMG_9703

We are already making so many plans and love talking about projects but I can feel us slipping into overwhelm and want to wrangle us into setting our priorities and making a schedule for projects.

Overall, I am loving the new house and the new neighborhood. It is nice to see our families more often. I can walk in about 8 minutes to an awesome local grocery market, a bakery, coffee counter and yoga studio all in the same shopping center.

We will be working on this house forever but I am looking forward to making it ours. How do you prioritize house projects? What was the first thing you did in your current space? It definitely seems like I need to take my own advice from this post, it is like déjà vu. I would love to connect with you on instagram and I am on snapchat @eatlovenourish.



House Projects: Demo Day
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