hike-2For me labor day has marked the end of summer and beginning of the school year. It has been another loved, long weekend. It has been a last chance to soak up some sun. I have been in only been in school and worked in an office so “labor” never seemed to apply to me. It took on a new meaning this year as we got through the first few weeks in our new home that is quite the fixer upper. I was so grateful for a wedding out of town that forced me to not paint through another weekend. We were able to get away to Kirkwood for a wedding, spend a day hiking and relaxing there, and still have a full day at home to … you guessed it – paint! Who knew I would actually take a break from manual labor this labor day weekend?

I have been painting for the past week and a half, two coats of primer, two coats on the ceiling and two coats of paint in half of our house (about 1,000 sq. ft.). And the kicker is we still need to paint all the trim, so we are not done yet. But every step we do complete feels so good and it really does make such a difference.

Every time I finish a coat I look forward to the time when I will NOT be painting. But I am also so grateful for our new space and love envisioning all the potential and the projects we will work on. I have been super spoiled and have lots of help from my sister and mom, so needless to say I have good company! When I am on my own, I covet this time to listen to audio books and podcasts.

neil-wedding megan-wedding

We had such a relaxing Sunday this past holiday weekend. We slept in after some late night dancing at a wedding and read in bed before heading to breakfast. We also picked up a great deli sandwich and brought snacks from home for a hike on Lake Margaret trail. After showers and a couple hours lounging and reading we had wine and played cards. It was divine! I love camping or cabin like trips when we read together and play some cards with drinks before dinner. I definitely feel like these two activities categorize a relaxing day away with Neil for me.

river log-smile log-silly

We hit the road at 6 am on Monday morning to beat the holiday weekend traffic. It was so great. We were home after errands and picking up the dog by 11 am. Neil brewed beer for Oaktoberfest and I painted.


What did you do this labor day? Was it a mix of projects and play? Did you go out of town? Would love to hear what you were up to!

Here are some more fun pics from the wedding.

beer-polaroid dance-page
Labor Day has new meaning
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