Since heading to San Luis Obispo (SLO) we have been getting ready for our trip to Mexico this week. We have been doing lots of little things around the house and yard. With the weather starting to warm up and the sun staying out longer in the evenings we have started to look at the jungle that used to be our yard.

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We have definitely let it go this winter and to be honest we have never (in a year and a half) trimmed our hedges in the front yard. We spent an entire Saturday weeding, trimming trees, hedges, and roses. Neil also laid some of the piping for our grey water system. It was a super productive day and we were exhausted afterward but it was a beautiful day and felt great out in the sun. We did some planning for the backyard and ordered a stand for my chair hammock I have carted around for years with no tree to hang it in. I love getting to lounge in the colorful hammock in my backyard and can’t wait to get the backyard ready for spring and summer parties. *Bonus picture of Reilly squinting and drooling for her close up on our picnic at the beach in Alameda.*

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We also had a lovely Easter brunch with family. I made two kinds of homemade scones, spent grain scones with meyer lemon and whole wheat maple oat scones. The meyer lemon recipe could have been a bit sweeter as the lemon was tart and the extra grains were a deeper flavor. Also note I used spent grains, made from the used beer grains rather than spelt.  I rarely think my pastries need to be sweeter but these babies were grainy and tart. They were great served with a touch of honey. The maple oat scones were a hit, very crumbly and perfectly sweet!

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I wore a “new” dress from thredUP. I signed up for a program they were testing called Style Scout that is similar to stitch fix but with consignment clothes. I will write a future post on this and the items I received but spoiler alert, I loved (and am keeping) this dress. We are excited to jump into spring with more yard work, freshening up the house and lots of good times with great people!

Any spring projects or cleaning on your list? Do you do a deeper spring cleaning?

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