We have been home for a week now from our magical vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I had such a great time and felt so rejuvenated. Before we left I had a hard time explaining to people what we were doing and who we were going with. It felt a little strange giving co-workers and friends the whole run down as it was quite non-traditional. However, now I want to shout it to the world because it was one of our favorite trips Neil and I have ever taken. So, YES we did pay for a vacation without knowing anyone else we would be staying with, YES we did take a leap of faith, and YES we did have the time of our lives.

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We spent five days and four nights in a beautiful airbnb villa near the ocean with eight strangers. We signed up for a trip through one of our favorite podcasts for a vacation with people we had never met. I was a little but nervous about how everyone would jive together but knew there was a good chance these people would be great, and I know I can get through any social situation with Neil as my wing man.


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The trip was called the “Great Love Getaway” and it was organized by Gerard and Jessie Pepper of Marriage is Funny. The people and the location were my favorite parts of the trip. We got to know four other couples from around California and Texas and I can tell these will be lifelong connections. We all came knowing we all value marriage and having a strong community of healthy relationships and we all love the podcast. You couldn’t help but enjoy yourself as you were in a beautiful villa with the sound of the waves and beautiful sunsets. There was nothing to worry about or plan, it was all taken care of. The villa had gorgeous rooms with private bathrooms, a large open air patio, a second story deck with a view, a large pool, a beach view AND a staff. We had a lovely cook, Lupita, and other daily staff including a night watchman. We were walking distance to the Playa Los Metros pier.





With days by the pool, days at the beach, a fun Creative Marriages photoshoot (courtesy of Michelle Kim and Kelly Dlux), amazing meals, margaritas, dance parties, games and tons of open, honest conversations we had no trouble making lasting connections in just a few days. I felt like each day was so fun and relaxing that the weekend felt luxurious and long even though we weren’t gone very long. And did I mention margaritas?!





It truly felt like a vacation rather than a trip. We did haven’t to plan a thing and didn’t have any stress the entire time. I literally didn’t have to plan a single thing, make a single meal or do a single dish. As someone who cooks a lot and generally at the center of planning everything it was nice to not do any of that. It made me recognize the importance of turning off. Even if it is just a weekend these low stress, relaxing getaways need to be sprinkled in with the awesome, but sometimes stressful, bigger family trips.



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I am missing these new friends already and can’t wait to meet up with them soon!


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If you are or know someone who is married and might enjoy the podcast check it out here.

We also recorded an episode of Marriage is Funny live in PV, so check it out or send it to someone who might enjoy it. You get to hear me and Neil chatting with our new friends and lots of laughs.

Here is a great highlight reel of our trip put together by “the” Kelly Dlux.

We also recorded an episode of Marriage is Funny live in PV, so check it out or send it to someone who might enjoy it.

This has definitely inspired Neil and I to put our dreams and road trip brainstorming into action. We are planning our own podcast, stay tuned!

Magic in Mexico
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