IMG_6724Meet Reilly – our new puppy! We are totally in love with her and are learning more about her each day. She is a rescue pup we adopted last week. She is a border collie/cattle dog mix, about 40 pounds, and is 11-12 months old.

We have been thinking about getting a pet for a while now and I recently became set on a dog. We kept discussing when is the best time to get a dog and realized there is no perfect time – there will always be an upcoming trip or busy work week and if we want to do it, we should just go for it. After a great hike up in Redwood Regional Park, checking out everyone else walking there dogs, we started looking online for adoptions. We found Reilly through a non-profit called Cooper’s Dream and were pretty set on meeting her. She came with the name Reilly and although we knew we could change it we had been talking about her for a few days before we met her and it just stuck. I actually just received her paperwork and her name was Monet when she was first rescued.

She is a a little timid, but super loving and friendly. She runs from any machine noise – microwave, washer/dryer, dishwasher, the big scary floor heater – but she is such a cuddle bug. I have definitely been loving taking her out on walks everyday and seeing more and more of our neighborhood. It is fun to see some of the same dog owners everyday out on walks – a whole new community!

I am sure you will be seeing lots more pics of her on the blog/instagram, as I am a little obsessed with her adorable face. Here are some fun pictures from our first few days with Reilly.

P.S. I always close my eyes in at least half the pictures taken of me … apparently so does my dog (see middle pic below)!!!! Check out another pictures on my instagram.

IMG_6723 IMG_6720 IMG_6721
Meet Reilly!
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