IMG_7995Whenever the sun comes out in late winter/early spring, I think it is time for happy hour. Whether that means meeting up with friends at a local establishment or drinking a beer or glass of chardonnay in the backyard, I love it all the same. I always want the feeling of happy hour, but I don’t always want to have alcohol. Fun cocktails always sound so good to me, and I do love them but find many bars make them too sweet for me.

This past sunny weekend I was inspired to try out some virgin cocktails blends. Honestly, either one would be fabulous with vodka or your liquor of choice. I experimented with two combinations and now I am so pumped to try more. These are also relatively low in sugar, one recipe has some syrup but the other is only natural sugar from fruit. I had one with dinner last night as a way to spice up my normal glass of “bubbly.” I love being able to make my own bubbly water with my soda stream.

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The raspberry ginger recipe definitely reminded me of the GT’s trilogy flavor kombucha which is one of my faves. I started with the raspberry idea and it slowly morphed into this spicy, tart concoction.



Razz Ginger Zinger

8 fresh raspberries
1tbsp of fresh lemon juice
1-2 tbsp of ginger syrup (depending on taste)
1 cup of sparkling water

Muddle (smash) the raspberries in the bottom of your glass. Add lemon juice and ginger syrup to taste. Pour in sparkling water and stir to blend.

*This does result in a ton of raspberry seeds in your juice. I am a chia fan so I am pretty used to it but you could strain it.


Grapefruit and Mint Fizz

1/4 cup of fresh grapefruit juice
tbsp of fresh mint leaves
1 cup of sparkling water

Muddle (smash) the mint in the bottom of your glass. Add grapefruit juice. Pour in sparkling water and stir to blend.

Feel free to add ice, a straw, fruit garnish etc. Have fun! I am enjoying the grapefruit mint blend as I write this post. :)


Do you have any fun combos you try? Do you ever experiment with adding fruit to your water or making juice blends? I am definitely looking to up my cocktail game for this spring/summer! Post a picture on instagram if you make one of these recipes or have one to share with me.

Mocktail Monday
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