IMG_7072We have been in our home for over a year now and I definitely feel settled. We do continue to make small improvements, make it more ours and plan projects. I am sure that will never stop and our list will only continue to grow.

When we first moved in, we unpacked the majority of our boxes quickly and got the house set up in 2 weeks for a house warming. Everyone asked how we did it so quickly … closets and a basement definitely helped to hide unpacked boxes. We still have stuff in the basement and in our guest closet, but much less.

It has been a continuous journey adding more touches, painting, making this place feel  like ours. A few weeks ago we made a list of all the things we say we want to eventually do to the house and yard. We seemed to be doing a lot of talking about ideas but rarely tackled the projects. Big and small, we made our list. We mapped out the remaining weekends for the year and tried to set some free weekends aside to check some items off the list.

Since doing so we have made some small strides that make it feel much more like it is ours and that make the space work for us.

IMG_7076Little things like hanging hooks in our closet, mounting our coat rock, hanging more pictures and art, mounting our new knife rack, upgrading our rain barrel, and turning a cabinet into a pull our garbage/recycle. This last item is one of my favorites. Our under sink can had a very flimsy lid that was always a nuisance. I wanted to have it out of sight but couldn’t fit a much larger can than that under the sink due to pipes After some research and measuring in the kitchen, we decided to turn one of our cabinets into a pull out with 2 cans. I love it!

Neil has been working on sealing the many holes, cracks and gaps that come with owning a 1920s home in pursuit of leaking less heat from our house. As Northern CA natives this winter seems extra cold … or it could be that Reilly is afraid of the heater so we haven’t turned it on as much as we should. We are also upgrading our faulty thermostat to a smart wifi one, the ecobee3. We haven’t got it installed yet so I will have to give an update later.

Overall, working on the house and completing tasks feels great. I feel so proud of the changes we have made an look forward to sharing the other items we have in the works.

Do you make lists for home projects? How do you track your lists? Our started on plain white paper and Neil is moving me to use Asana project-based list app. We will see how long I last :)

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Nesting: Home Projects Update #1
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