IMG_8095We have been making small purchases over the last year and a half owning our home. We had a lot of furniture when we started out but most of it was free or very cheap. I believe when we first moved in we hadn’t bought a single piece of furniture in our living room. There are definitely items I still want to replace over time. We have been doing that one piece at a time as we find exactly what we want and doing it over time so that the expense is manageable.

I have been able to start loving may space rather than always thinking of the things I want to do or buy  for it. I have recently bought a few things that I think freshen up a space and definitely bring me a lot of joy. I was able to find throw pillows, candles and plant pots on discount. We didn’t get plants at the thrift store but we did find a number of small pots there. We have a  fabulous Goodwill a couple blocks away and they happen to get defective or returned stuff from Target. They also seem to get things that there was too much stock of or that were seasonal. I have gotten garbage and ziplock bags that are perfectly fine but the box was a little smashed. I have gotten expensive candles that look brand new and gift packs of Burt’s Bees products for $2 each. I furnished our whole spare bedroom with a comforter, throw blanket and curtains from all Target items at the Goodwill.

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My recent finds were some awesome throw pillows at a consignment store over on Alameda called, Second Home. I was totally in love with these pillow and they happened to work with our existing orange pillows we had on the couch.


Around Christmas we moved the giant orange bean bag to the basement to make room for the tree. It hasn’t come back up since and we have been trying to figure out what piece of furniture we want to replace it with. Neil had really been wanting a “reading nook” and we ended up finding the perfect vintage chair and ottoman at a local consignment store called Bay Home Consignment. I had been envisioning an Eames style chair and this was a very solid design and very similar to what I had been wanting. The coolest part is that it reclines with these two hand cranks on either side to loosen and tighten the chair. It has aged well and is super comfortable to boot.

I have also been adding to our indoor plant collection. I started with 4 or 5 plants and told myself I couldn’t buy any larger more expensive plants until I kept the cuttings from my mom alive. It has been almost a year with the cuttings and none have died. We have now added two round of plants and I just love having them around us in the house and the routine of watering them. I fell in love with this giant tree plant at the store. Neil liked it too and we thought it would be the perfect size for this large handmade ceramic planter made by River Pottery we got as a gift a couple years ago. It is beautiful and really pulls some color and life into our bedroom.

We are enjoying finding pieces slowly over time and making our house our home. I used to look around and think of all the things I didn’t like in our house. With some rearranging and some thrifting I now look in those very same rooms and love the space and the things I have gathered in them. It has definitely been a mindset shift in being happy with what I have and where I am. But nice smelling candles and pretty plants don’t hurt either.

What are your favorite ways to freshen up your space? Where to you thrift or find consignments items? What are your favorite indoor plants? I would love to hear from you or see pictures on Instagram.

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Nesting: Plants and Thrifts
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