IMG_8195I listen to podcasts throughout my week. They accompany me on dog walks, get me through time consuming house projects, cleaning and serve as copilot on my drives. I starting listening to podcasts back in 2011 when I discovered Radiolab. I have gone through phases of listening to more or less but for the past two years I have steadily been consuming a variety of shows. Just like other media I consume, I love lifestyle content so many of the shows I listen to are about food, or marriage or home/DIY. I did a post about a year ago about podcasts I was loving, so check that out for more recommendations.

This month NPR is trying to expand the reach of podcasts by encouraging podcasts listeners to spread the word with the hashtag #trypod for “try podcasts.” Obviously I am a fan of podcasts, most of my friends know me to recommend new ones monthly. Many of my talking points at social events begin with, “I was listening to this podcast and …” In supporting this medium I love so much I am going to do another wrap up of podcasts I’ve been loving.

For Serial and Godfather Lovers:
Crimetown – This podcast was actually a recommendation from my husband Neil. He heard about it on a show he listens to called Reply All and they are also produced by Gimlet Media. He knew this would be up my alley. I am the one who is into thriller books and movies and story type podcasts, like Serial, he just tolerates them. I love this show because it takes a look into the crime culture in a city and tells as many of the perspectives and stories as they can. This season the city is Providence, Rhode Island and I just love the way they tell this story with a mix of interviews and clips from old court cases and audio. It really submerges you into this town’s history of organized crime and all of the corruption. The main mob boss in the story was the man The Godfather was based on, so if you like that book/movie you will love this show. Plus the intro music is awesome, which I can’t say for every podcast. The first season is still in progress so I am waiting each week to learn more about Providence.

For Radiolab lovers:
Science Vs – This is another Neil recommendation, also from Gimlet Media. He caught my attention by telling me about the episode the G-spot. These are fun episodes because they take such a variety of topics and rather than getting into the politics or other emotion based systems they pit science against each topic and do their best to get to the bottom of the topic. I recently listened to one on acne and since I am into natural skincare it was definitely interesting. Plus you get to have lots of fun random facts in your back pocket like the difference between white and blackheads. I compare it to Radiolab because they interview a variety of people and attack the subject in multiple ways so it feels similar to Radiolab in the way they peel back the layers.

For people sick of news overload:
The Daily – After last year’s election I had a hard time with feeling overwhelmed by the daily play by play of everything. I can’t remember the blog I saw this podcast recommended on but if I remember I will update. The Daily comes from the New York times and it is a 20 min show put out monday through friday with an overview of the news. They do about 2 stories and then give a few highlights at the end of each episode. This has been the perfect amount of news for me lately and when I hear something interesting I can go and find more. It is a great way to start my day or my dog walk.

For lifestyle lovers (like myself):
The Perfect Wife – This comes from one of my old faves Marriage is Funny host Jessie Artigue of Style and Pepper. You may remember that we actually went on vacation with the Great Love Gang (followers of the Marriage is Funny podcast/community) to Mexico last year. I love their original podcast but this year Jessie created one on her own interviewing some of the women who inspire her to be a better wife. A theme in Marriage is Funny is aiming for great love not perfect love and that sentiment definitely carries into this podcast series. I loved learning about each of the women interviewed and I learned a lot about myself and my own marriage by listening to this show. Explaining this show makes me want to listen to it again. This is a series of 9 episodes with mini episodes that are messages from Jessie after the interview and her thoughts on lessons in the episode. I am a fan and hope that she will come back to this side project once she gets farther into her kickstarter for a new dress I am dying to get my hands on.

Young House Love Has a Podcast – I followed this home/DIY blog off and on over the past couple of years and follow them on social media. When I heard they had a podcast I was excited. I listen every week and like the fun shorter format with what’s new updates, a fun game show style game, occasional interviews and a what we’re digging segment where they share products, podcasts, books they are enjoying. It is fun and light-hearted and a good listen when you are in the thick of home projects.

The Cookbook Deal, Also The Weirdest Year of My Life – This series is from Jessica Murnane of One Part Plant. She also has a podcast called One Part Podcast I recommended last year. She recorded everything during the year she got a book deal, wrote her cookbook, and published her first book. There is a lot of crazy personal stuff that happens during that year of her life and she takes you through it all, the excitement and struggles in the year she put out her cookbook. I listened to a few episodes on a car trip a couple weeks ago and found myself in tears on the freeway, so get ready for all the feels here. I enjoy her original podcast and this one is such an interesting look into the way a book deal works and all of the things you don’t think about the go on before you get to hold the book in your hands. This is still in progress so join in and catch up before the next episode comes out.

What I am going to listen to next:
Like most of the podcast community I can’t wait for S-Town. I know it is out now, aka binge-ready, but I am saving it for a special occasion. I need a good project, like painting my yoga studio next week, to take me through the series. I love getting caught up in a good story, which is why I also love audio books, and know this is going to be good. It comes from the makers of Serial and This American Life. No spoilers please!

If you haven’t ever tried a podcast give one of these a shot or check out my post last year for more suggestions. #trypod

Happy listening!

Podcasts: I’ve been loving #2
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