IMG_8195What have you been listening to lately? I love listening to audiobooks but have recently been binging on new podcasts. I have listened to podcasts for the last few years but mostly stuck to This American Life and Radiolab. In the past year I have gotten SUPER into podcasts and follow a number of shows weekly. I enjoy listening to podcasts or audiobooks while doing chores around the house or on walks/hikes by myself.

Since getting our dog I have been taking her for walks most mornings while listening to shows and have loved adding this to my routine. I now listen to podcasts in transit and many (stolen) moments throughout my day. I have found most of these through recommendations of others, so I would love more recommendations!

If you are looking for a new podcast or to try them out for the first time, this is quite the mix of shows.

My current favorites:

The Lively Show
The Lively Show is one of my favorites that has led me to so many of these other amazing shows. I saw someone on my commute listening to this podcast and the image looked so cheery. I made a mental note and looked it up later on a business trip to listen to while traveling. I was immediately hooked and began binge listening. Jess Lively, the host, interviews guests about their work with a focus on bringing more intention to your every day life. I also connected with a real life friend over The Lively Show and she turned me on to the following two “marriage” podcasts. Thanks Teddy!

One Part Podcast
From The Lively Show I discovered One Part Podcast with Jessica Murnane, which is also an interview show with all sorts of guests. Her premise is “lessons in next level inspiration.” I love Jessica’s story of how she has managed her endometriosis with a plant-based diet. This process shifted her work and everything she is doing now. She is also writing a cookbook right now so there aren’t new episodes, but it is the perfect time to listen to the past episodes and catch up.

Starr Struck Radio
Neil listens to many of his own podcasts, but I have convinced him to listen to my two couple podcasts slowly but surely. The first one I got him into was Starr Struck Radio. The hosts are Mary Catherine who is a yoga teacher and artist entrepreneur and her husband Ben who is a lawyer. I love the topics because they are so relatable and both hosts feel like friends you are listening to. They have discussed things from buying a house, whether or not they are ready for kids, men in yoga, crossfit, to to technology and mindfulness. Plus Mary Catherine is a fellow yogi!

Marriage is Funny
The other podcast done by a couple is Marriage is Funny. This one is funny, emotional and engaging. Gerard and Jessie have created such a lovely community of folks. They focus on having great love, not perfect love – amen to that! They are also huge proponents of having a strong group of couple friends to support your marriage. This is something I wholeheartedly agree with. They surprise each other with a topic to discuss each episode, so there are two main topics covering anything from pet peeves to the cable bill to bikinis. Both of these shows make me laugh, feel like I am not alone and encourage me to be a better partner in my marriage. They also make me really want to start a podcast with Neil!

Being Boss
Jessie from Marriage is Funny mentioned the Being Boss podcast and I am currently a junkie! I have been listening to these episodes any chance I get. I love the idea of Being a Boss (Lady) and their mantra of do the work. This show is hosted by two lovely creative entrepreneurs who are running amazing businesses, sharing insights, and creating an amazing online community. They are definitely inspiring me to stay committed to the things I love and to put in the work.

Last but not least, Serial. So many people are obsessed with Serial. I think this has made many people podcast listeners. It is a investigative series about one story each season told week-by-week. I don’t need to tell you more than that, if you like mysteries you will love it. If this came out all at once like a Netflix series people would definitely binge. I know late comers to the first season who did just that. Beware, you may lose about 12 hours of your life!

Happy Listening! Please share your favorite podcasts, I would love to add to my list of favorites!

Podcasts: I’ve been loving
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