IMG_1577Over the past month we have been trying to traveling, working on projects and fighting a lingering cold. We have made some more progress getting the french doors installed on the yoga studio, ordering a rug and cushions for the family room and lots of little upgrades around the house. However, those small triumphs can get overshadowed by setbacks. Like the huge amount of work we need to prioritize redoing attic insulation and adding vents or ordering the wrong blinds.


It is crazy that we can let the setbacks take away from our joy in the progress of everyday. A couple of weeks ago after a few days of heavy rain, Charlie chewed up the book I had just started and the next day ate the entire upper of a Dansko clog. I was so upset. I focused on all the things I should have done to prevent this and how she had reverted after being so good about not chewing things ups. I told everyone the story about how I came home and found the heel and sole of the clog sitting there. There are little victories everyday and overall she is such a great puppy.

IMG_1455 IMG_1459

I want to strive to spend more energy, thought and words on the positive things that happen, the progress. I want to think about and tell people about how she is the star dog in puppy class each week. I want to tell people how she has learned to fetch and drop it easily for people who call her. I want to tell people how she is ready to take the Puppy STAR test through AKC and hopefully this time next week that she passed!IMG_1453

I want to be happier about the projects we have completed around the house and not spend so much time focusing on what we have not done. I truly believe that when you focus on the positive it flows more easily. Here’s to a happier more positive 2017 and more beautiful beach walks (photos from College Cove near Arcata, CA).

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Any tips for keeping the focus on all the good things? Would love to hear your thoughts on this over on instagram!

Progress & Setbacks
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