IMG_0394For the last few years Neil and I have put together edible Holiday treats to pass out to friends and family. Our treats have been getting more sophisticated over the years. From Cinnamon Crumb Cake in a jar to apple butter to homemade root beer, ginger pale ale and chai concentrate we have tried our hand at a few beverages and edibles.

This year we made vegan biscotti, cranberry salsa, caramel sauce (definitely not vegan) and apple butter. We also upped production significantly this year as we teamed up with friends to know out the many projects. We ended up making over 200 pieces of biscotti and 20-30 jars of each sauce.

It was a ton of work and as always you never get as much done as you plan. We had to jar the apple butter and make the caramel on later dates but we spent the better part of a Sunday making scrumptious goodies for loved ones.

Apple butter is always a hit and a fun alternative to jam. It is so simple too … just apples, sugar, and spices. It was even easier this year with our housemate Chad’s old fashioned apple peeler and corer. Neil ended up juicing the peels and cores so no part of the apple was wasted!

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The cranberry salsa is so tasty! The thing that surprised me the most is that none of the ingredients were cooked. They were all fresh just blended up in the food processor. This and the caramel recipe were Chad’s ideas. The cranberry was such a hit! A few people even reported back that they served it with turkey for the Holiday dinner and loved it as a twist on the traditional cranberry sauce. We have served it with sweet potato tortilla chips from Trader Joes and love the flavor combo.

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My favorite part was definitely baking the biscotti. I had baked a batch a week earlier with a girlfriend and been inspired to make them as gifts. She joined us for our mass production. She inspired the vegan recipes and we decided on two seasonal flavors: gingerbread and eggnog crunch. The recipes made for very delicious dipping during the holidays. With a few small hiccups, like burning multiple batches, we made it through 8 whole batches of biscotti!

IMG_2394 IMG_2396 IMG_2450

We had a wonderful holiday visiting family and friends passing our the tasty treats. Made with love from Oakland!

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Santa’s Oakland Workshop: Holiday Treats
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