This past Sunday we had such a beautiful brunch with our friends, and vegan chefs, Ashley and Kyle of “It’s from the Garden.” I have heard about the dinner parties they started throwing in their greenhouse and always wanted to attend, but with the wedding this past year and now yoga training weekends in the mix my weekends have been pretty booked. We decided to take Neil’s mom to brunch as a gift. She is vegan and does not have many vegan restaurants around where she lives. So needless to say great company, great food and great weather made for a perfect Sunday!We arrived to their sunny backyard in Berkeley and we’re guided by beautiful chalkboards to their backyard greenhouse. It is magical and full of life, literally there are plants everywhere. There was a long table set with beautiful vases and flowers, crystal goblets and white linens. We met the other guests and mingled with tea and coffee service. Once we were all seated we started with a sake bloody mary. It wasn’t bloody but it was a great palate opener and was tasty.
 IMG_2495 brunch
Next up was a roasted garlic rosemary buttermilk biscuits with yuba bacon strips, avocado and butter lettuce. The biscuit was flaky garlicky and the yuba bacon was thin and crispy and fell apart in your mouth. Neil who definitely enjoys real bacon even likes it! We had another drink between the next courses. It was a lavender bergamot soda, which I absolutely loved. It was so delicious, citrusy and refreshing.After the soda we had a salad that had radicchio, roasted baby carrots and beets with a lemon thyme vinagerette topped with grilled jerk tofu. The tofu was spicy and delicious and the vegetables were tender, flavorful and beautiful to boot! Even the radicchio was pretty! We had our final drink which was a beautiful tangerine and blood orange mimosa. It was perfect at that point in the meal because the greenhouse was warming with the afternoon sun. Neil really loved his mimosa!
IMG_2501 IMG_2506
The main course was vegan mac ‘n’ cheese accompanied with smoky black eyed peas with crisped celery root on top and purple kale. It was hearty and delicious comfort food! I loved the combo of flavors and it was enough food for one meal. I could barely finish and probably only did because the courses were spread out and this was my only meal of the day!
Dessert was amazing on its own but following this outstanding line up of food it still warranted me cleaning my plate. Just the description sounds heavenly… Chocolate peanut butter pie with banana ice cream, homemade peanut brittle and chocolate sauce with sea salt. All the ingredients worked perfectly together. I love chocolate, banana, peanut butter and especially together. Any of these items on their own would have been a treat in itself.
I also love getting to spend quality time with these two lovely Ashleys! On the left is Ashley Knies of It’s from the Garden and on the right is Ashley Bening a dear friend and fellow yogi.
 IMG_2515 IMG_2512
I was so full and satisfied after this meal. We didn’t eat much else the whole rest of the day. Finally around 8 pm we decided to make a small dinner mainly to have leftovers for lunch the next day!
We loved the brunch and can’t wait to go to another one or a dinner after the time change! Thank Ashley and Kyle. Check out their site and blog!
Vegan Brunch with “It’s From the Garden”
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