IMG_6967I wrote a post draft/rant/diary entry 3 months ago about how I had this unreal expectation that everything would be different and magically better when I turned 25.

I wrote, “ I need to have my finances in order, my household running smoothly, my go-to drink order (coffee and libations), my beauty staples, a closet with clothes I love, routines and rituals, blah blah blah. I have been feeling (inflicting) this self-pressure to figure this all out and I am imagining this magical moment when my birthday rolls around this year and I have all of these things figured out and life is easier and less stressful.”

While no magic switch turned and I don’t feel any different today than I did yesterday, I do feel different than when I wrote this post. Writing this post surfaced feelings and pointed out that I need to be happy with all the amazing things I have done and have in my life. Since I realized I didn’t want to post that blog or be the person waiting for change to happen, I have been actively making some changes.

As I mentioned in my post on making time for myself, I am not using busy as an excuse anymore. I am placing value on things that are important to me and working to balance my time and energy. Each area I put energy into serves me in its own way, creating this amazing life I have. All of this has helped me feel more satisfied and content with my present moments.

I had a wonderful day yesterday and spent this morning (since 5 am) launching a website for work . I am looking forward to my first cup of coffee, heading to work with Neil and dog snuggles. It is just another day, another beautiful day!

Enjoy baby Megan photo, getting into stuff since 1990!

Turning 25
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