We got a puppy! I hinted in the last post and included a sneak peak photo for those who went read the blog post.

Her name is Charlie, yes a girl Charlie, and she is a 13 week old chocolate lab. She also goes by Charlie Bear, Chunk, Chunky Monkey and Charlotte Brontë. When we were trying to think of names after picking her up my mom suggested we name her after an author since I am such a book worm. My first thought was Louisa May Alcott and to call her Lou or Lulu. My mom suggested Charlotte Brontë and I immediately thought Charlie. When I was in elementary school I used to say I would name my first child Charlie whether it was a boy or girl, so it seemed meant to be. My mom still calls her Charlotte sometimes when she is checking in on her favorite puppy, who greets her with a full bladder every time.

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We got her five weeks ago and have been settling and getting to know each other. I am learning how to potty train a puppy and it has been quite an adventure. It definitely feels similar to having a newborn with bathroom trips throughout the night and staying close to home in the beginning. I have definitely felt a little cooped up as we can’t go out much until she finishes her shots and she can’t hold it more than about two hours right now. I have started leaving her home longer and more often but it is still much different than an older dog. Here are photos from our first day with her. The photo of me is right when I chose her out of four puppies. She got up from her full sprawl (see above) and came over and sat in my lap for snuggles.

img_0409 img_0410


She is a growing girl and will be a large dog. We think she will be at least 70 pounds judging by her paws and her parents. We got her at eight weeks old and she was just under 15 pounds. One month later she was nearly 25 pounds. She is sweet and cuddly, she loves to play fetch and chase, and is a chewing enthusiast (aren’t most puppies?). Also she loves being anywhere near Neil :)!

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We were unfortunately unable to keep our previous dog who we loved very much. It was with heavy hearts that we gave her up but are glad we can give our love to this dog and feel safe and comfortable with her as a part of our family.


Charlie loves new people so come on over for a visit and get lots of attention from this chunky monkey. Now that the cat/dog is out of the bag, look out for puppy pictures on instagram and snapchat, @maebulger on both.

P.S. She sounds like a chimp when she whines and is food motivated, thus her nickname.

Welcome Charlie!
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