img_0606I have been MIA over the past couple weeks as I did an intensive prenatal yoga teacher training. I have always wanted to become a prenatal yoga teacher, in fact I thought of doing that before I ever began my original teacher training.

It was great to be immersed in the training and to learn and teach so much at once. But after 10 days in San Francisco I am glad to be home! I am can’t wait to start teaching prenatal and postnatal yoga in my new yoga studio we are going to renovate in part of our garage.

bellyIt was also nice to be surrounded by great women all day and to make new friends which I have not done in our new hometown. I have been focused on working on the new house, unpacking and then puppy training. I need to get out more and make connections. It will all come in time but I think I realized that I have been in my own way a bit. I keep thinking I just need to get through these things and then I can make my life here but they should both be happening in tandem. I realize I need to get out there and start practicing and teaching yoga in the community to find my tribe here.

We have been trying to stay in touch with our friends, but lives are busy (especially this time of year). We hosted a Halloween party and a few dinner parties but also need to make an effort to visit our friends in the Bay Area.


With that said, we have gotten to see our families more. We see my family weekly since they are so close and watch the puppy for us often. I have loved being able to drop by and have a coffee with my sister, or have my mom come hang out before she referees in the evening. We will be hosting a joint family thanksgiving next week for just under 20 people. I am prepping my lists and getting the house ready this weekend and early next week. We will be cooking the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes as well as a few fun things I am trying from my magazine inspiration. I am having everyone else bring a dish to round out the menu and make my life easier.

How do you do thanksgiving? What are your favorite dishes/recipes? Have you ever done pre or postnatal yoga? How have you made new friends in a new city as an adult?

Follow along on Instagram and Snapchat  @eatlovenourish next week as we get ready for thanksgiving and the Gilmore girls marathon Friday!!!!

Yoga for Mamas and Yoga for Community

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